Tips to Smooth Download & install AOL Desktop Gold: Windows 10

AOL Desktop gold is quite a handy program for all the browsing needs of a computer-savvy person. It is known to be really easy-to-use, multifaceted and is not known for giving much trouble. For any kind of problem, there are troubleshooting ways that can be applied for the solution. Go on reading for having the full info. 

System necessities 

There are some settings regarding the devices and hardware of the system where AOL Desktop Gold Download and installation will be performed. Therefore, the system requirements must be fulfilled when going on to Download AOL Desktop Gold. You need to check that your machine has the collection of the following provisions as specified;

·    Processor: - Any dependable Processor with frequency 266 MHz or above.

·    Connectivity: - Fast and steady Internet connection.

·    RAM: - Should be minimum 1024 Megabyte.

·    HDD: - Hard disk with at least 512 MB size or free space.

·    Screen:- Must have a setting of 1024×768 or higher

·   Download browser: - Latest version of the in-built web browser or any browser of choice.

For installation after AOL Download Gold, you need to have the necessary information like the login ID and the secure password to connect to your profile on the company server.

Thereafter, complete the procedures thoroughly to install the program effectively: 

·    Download AOL desktop gold software from the offered link. The users who already have an account on the server can do it without any charge. Check the link before clicking on the hyperlink.

·    Once the software is downloaded, Install AOL Gold on your machine, apply the required authorizations and follow the steps provided in the installation wizard.

·  When the software wants you to provide your login information, enter it in the appropriate field after checking about the case-sensitiveness.

·    Use the contact information provided by the company to confer with the in-house experts in case of any troubling issue.

The general solutions

There may emerge many issues with the software, the Login page, and many other factors when the program is given the command to run on the system.. Some of the problems this guideline may help you to solve are;

1.    Unable to install the software

The system software may sometimes not allow the AOL program to run. Therefore it is best to give a thorough check to your system arrangements by following the instruction given in the least requirement section. Otherwise, you can perform the following action;

·    Close the program. Note that the program doesn’t support OS earlier than Windows 7.

·    Perform “refresh” on the desktop screen several times.

·    Remove the temporary RAM files by performing a “Restart” or complete “Shut down” function.

·    Run the program again.

2.    AOL Desktop gold is slow

Sometimes the program can work at a reduced pace in your system. To get rid of the problem, you can perform the following;

·    Perform the “Shut-down” and starting again routine.

·    Check the programs that are running in the background.

·    Keep only the programs that are essential to run the software.

·    Stop other software from running to free up RAM space. 

For step by step troubleshooting, read guide how to fix AOL desktop gold is running slow.

In conclusion

You can apply these basic troubleshooting steps to solve the issues occurring in your desktop gold. For more services, contact the desktop gold support team by phone or email.

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