AOL Desktop Gold is Working Slow- Fixed

Is AOL Desktop Gold running sluggishly? If you have tried finding a solution and still it runs slow then continue with the most suitable solution. Whether you are facing the problem for the first time or the tenth time, the quick fix solves every issue. Take the help of the guide of troubleshooting and make sure you learn few steps to fix problems within seconds. 

Solutions at your hand

Technology is progressing at a rapid speed and hence it is normal to get technical glitch from time to time. Every problem has solutions and so is the problem. You may also contact technical support for AO.L. Desktop Gold is Working Slow- Fixed online and offline, both. The most common solutions include:

·   Restart your PC

·   Enable only essential startup programs

·   Reboot the modem/router

·  Clear Footprints to close down certain programs

·  Use command prompt 

Important: Before performing troubleshooting tips or steps to fix AO.L. Problems, you need to uninstall AO.L. Desktop from your system and Download AO.L. Desktop Gold latest and install it.

Follow the step by step quick fix guide .....

1. Restarting your computer:

·   Close all opened files and programs on your system

·   Go to ‘Power button action’

·   Click on the ‘Restart’ option

Sometimes your computer gets heated up and starts acting slow. In that case turn off your PC and wait for an hour before proceeding to use again.

2. Enabling only essential startup programs:

·   Go to Task Manager Window and open it

·   Select Startup

·   Check on all the programs that are unessential and tap on Disable option

·  Make sure to disable all the unnecessary programs that is slowing down your work.

·  Save the changes

·  Close the Task manager Window

·  Restart your PC

3. Rebooting the router:

·    Switch off your system and unplug power source from your router

·    Wait for few seconds before you plug in again

·    Put it into power source again and turn off your PC

·    Turn your router on

·    Check if the internet connection is working properly.

When your internet slows down without any reason the router can be the reason. In that case this simple fix will solve the problem.

4. Clearing Footprints:

·    Login AOL Desktop Gold account by typing in your authenticated user ID and password

·    Go to top menu bar and click on the Settings option

·    A window will open where you need to click on the option labelled ‘Security’

·    Select the files and data for clearing those from your systems memory

·    Click the Clear Footprints now option

5. Using command prompt:

·    Go to start windows button in your PC and open command prompt

·    Select ‘Run as administrator’ and right click on the option to open cmd

·    Type ‘netsh Winsock reset’ on the black screen and press ENTER on keyboard

·    Upon completing the action restart your system

·    Launch AOL Desktop Gold

Professional help

Are you still facing the problem? If your problem is not solved with following the steps then take help from independent AO.L. Desktop Gold experts who are available for quick fix and remote assistance. 

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